Stress management
I work with my clients to identify stress triggers in their environment and develop coping skills.

Premarital and Couples Counseling
As a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, I address stressors such as career change, anger management, and addiction, and work to improve communication skills, teach conflict management and strengthen empathy.

Family Therapy
I work with families with children of all ages, managing adjustments such as divorce, blended families, and children who have special needs. We enhance communication and discover ways to meet individual needs and those of the family as a whole.

I help children with issues such as sleep problems, social anxiety, adjusting to parents’ divorce or remarriage, or difficulties in school. I consult regularly with parents about their child’s progress, support effective parenting skills, and make referrals to adjunctive resources when appropriate.

I address issues such as parental pressures, challenges of school, social relationships, drug and alcohol use, and stress or chronic illness. I assess for depression, suicide, eating disorders, support stress reduction, and utilize adjunctive resources.

I support seniors through life transitions, and support adult children with dual responsibilities caring for their own children while overseeing care of elderly parents.